Sunday, 4 October 2015

Going Back......

I was just looking over some old photos. Actually I was trying to make some sort of order with my folders. I got side tracked, and I thought I'd re-show some from the depths of this old blog of mine just for fun.....

A trip down memory lane. If you have been a long time reader of this blog some may be familiar to you!

It was fun to look back at the images that I took. Although I'm very much a pastels girl, it's clear from these images that I really love my brights too. Maybe I'll do a pastels one soon.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Things That Stay With You.....

When I was about ten, it was the era of Wham, Duran Duran, pixie boots and sweat bands. I hated pixie boots, I hated Wham, and I hated sweat bands....but I really liked Duran Duran. At school, you were either team Wham or team Duran Duran (you wore wrist sweat bands with either groups name on), so I decided that I wasn't going to follow the trend and wore a badge (not as cool) with I LOVE HOWARD JONES on. I actually did like Howard Jones, and I liked him even more because no one else did.

This has sort of stayed with me all my life. If I hold up two outfits to ask anyone which they like better; whatever they chose, I then choose the opposite to wear.  It's not that I do it on purpose, it's just that it seems to click how much I like the other one. But maybe it's a subconscious throwback to being ten again.

When the trend was to loom, I decided that I would steer clear of it. I would see images of pretty loom wall hangings everywhere on Pinterest and blogs, but darn it, getting a free mini one on the current issue of Mollie Makes was just too tempting.

All non urgent jobs (washing, ironing, cleaning etc) were put aside and all available yarn was raided to find the right colours to have a go.


Ahem, think I might be quite addicted. Addicted enough to invest in a proper sized loom. 

Not bad for a first novice attempt. A bit rough and ready, and tad wonky, but oh so much fun.

I was actually quite giddy with excitement that my first attempt wasn't as complete a sham as I was expecting. When I held it up excitedly to show Middle Bear, he just shrugged and walked off. When I excitedly held it up to show Eldest Bear, he enquired to its ACTUAL purpose. Charming! I laughed and said if they were cheeky about my creations I hang it in their which Baby Bear replied he'd LOVE it in his bedroom. I was a little taken aback and said "really?", to which he replied "yes of course I would, why wouldn't I?"

Awe bless him. One out of three not being embarrassed about my makes isn't so bad. Although I do remind the older Bears when they are snuggled under my blanket creations all nice and snug and cosy.


Friday, 2 October 2015

Evening Beauty......



The mist is burning off and it looks like another beautiful day.

I was hanging the washing out on the line just, and these roses caught my eye. A big dollop of pink. These are beautiful roses and they smell divine. They don't bloom for long though. The warm September weather has given these bushes a late blast of energy, so I am taking advantage. The last few days have been bright and fairly warm, but a little breezy, so I knew these beauties wouldn't last long outside.

Such a pretty dose of colour and scent.